• baby in a bag baby sleeping bags cotton and organic cotton

  • Baby sleeping bags are the safer alternative to baby blankets.

    Our high quality baby sleeping bags, also called baby sleeping sacks are available in three different sizes from infants to the hard to find toddler size common to Europe. Whether you are looking for a practical baby blanket for yourself, a unique baby gift for a friend's baby shower, or are a proud grandparent looking out for safety, a BabyinaBag sleeping bag will meet your individual needs. Click here for more details.
    Used safely in Europe for over 25 years, baby sleeping bags ensure that your child is always covered and warm, regardless of how actively they may sleep. Baby sleeping bags are the safer, more comfortable alternative to traditional loose baby bedding. Designed as a wearable blanket, a baby sleeping bag keeps your baby comfortable and warm all night long, so you'll sleep better too!

    Babyinabag Baby sleep sack sizing chart for infants and toddlers


    * Value: Prices are starting at only $21.95! Unbelievable quality for the value and a 6 month warranty on materials and workmanship. Your baby's comfort and safety are worth it!
    * Broad selection: We offer 100% cotton, organic cotton, 100% silk and the super stylish and ultra soft Minky fabric!
    * European sizing: We carry sacks in the very hard to find sizes for older babies and toddlers too.
    * Breathable summer and winter models: We offer both, lightweight summer models as well as cozy, quilted winter models to suit every climate and season.
    * Comfort: Only 100% soft jersey cotton touches your baby's skin - no synthetics!

    baby sleeping bags - baby sleep sacks for infants and toddlers are the perfect baby shower gift

    Cotton or Fleece, what is the better material for your baby sleeping bag?

    Is your baby sweaty in their sleeping bag? Synthetic fibers like fleece and polyester absorb moisture in very small amounts and hence are the least desirable fabrics touching your babies skin. With our bags, only soft jersey 100% cotton touches your baby's skin, allowing for as comfortable sleeping experience as possible. If babies are comfortable, they tend to sleep longer. So enjoy that extra rest!

    Why using baby sleeping bags instead of blankets?

    • * Your baby is covered and warm all night.
    • * No more kicked off covers means your baby sleeps more comfortably.
    • * Eliminates loose bedding in the crib.
    • * Helps your baby sleep through the night.
    • * Baby sleeping bags are the perfect baby gift at every baby shower.

    Finding The Right Size Baby Sleeping Bag

    a sleep sack is the ideal baby shower gift

    Please note that there will always be variations amongst babies in regards to age, weight & length, for example a very large newborn. The following is a general guideline for babies within the 50 (average) percentile, that should help you select the correct size for your baby (please see safety information below).

    Sleeping Bag Size Approximate Child Age Minimum Child Weight Maximum Child Length
    Small (27"/68cm) 3 - 11 Months 10 Lbs 30" / 76 cm
    Medium (35"/89cm) 10 -24 Months 22 Lbs 38" /96 cm
    Large (42"/107cm) 22 Months - 3T 28 Lbs 45" / 114 cm

    What Our Customers Have to Say...

    • I had searched everywhere to find European-style sleeping bags here in the US and was so excited when I come across Baby in a Bag.com. Your sacks are of very high quality, withstand numerous washings and come in cute patterns. They keep my toddlers warm at night and confined to their crib! I can highly recommend them.

      Ina G., mother of twins, San Carlos, CA

    • I received the package this morning. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!! I was introduced to the Baby in a Bag sleeping bag website through a friend. The bags are of the highest quality available. For discerning parents, these are the "must have" for your little precious one. I would definitely recommend everyone to give these sacks a try!

      Alice L. Singapore

    • Your bags are much nicer looking and warmer-feeling than those available in the UK. Thank you!

      Janet B. United Kingdom