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FAQ about baby sleeping bags - baby sleeping bags

Using a sleep sack instead of baby blankets

What is a Baby in a Bag™ baby sleeping bag?

A baby sleeping bag is a unique cross between a baby blanket and a traditional sleeping bag. It has the softness and fabric weight of a traditional baby blanket, but the construction and comfort of a sleeping bag. We like to call it a "baby sleeping bag".

Using a sleep sack instead of baby blankets

How does a sleeping bag work

You use a sleeping bag the same way you would use a sleeping bag. You simply zip the bag up the side or front, depending on the style of the bag. Baby in a Bag™ is constructed with a clever upside down zipper that discourages little hands from unzipping the bag & allows for effortless diaper changes that don't require undressing the baby!

Using a sleep sack instead of baby blankets

Why would I want to use a sleeping bag instead of baby blankets?

The question is, why wouldn't you want to use one! Popular in Europe for decades, baby sleeping bags provide the perfect mix of comfort, safety & convenience for both baby and caregiver. Because the baby is essentially wearing their blanket, you are assured that they are consistently warm and free from becoming entangled in their bedding. And when babies sleep longer and peacefully, so does the whole household! Additionally, Baby in a Bag™ is designed to safely replace costly bedding, which makes it an exceptional value as well.

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What size should I buy for my baby?

Our sizing chart provides clear guidelines to pick the appropriate size for your baby. The general rule of thumb is to wait until your child is at least 10 lbs, and then begin with a size small (10-18 lbs.). While we understand that some parents may be tempted to economize and buy a larger size for their child to "grow into", please understand that this compromises the safety of the baby! The Baby in a Bag™ sizing guidelinses are based on the average weight of children in a particular age range, and are structured to allow for a comfortable fit without risking the baby slipping down inside the bag. If your child falls outside of average weight guidelines for their age, do not hesitate to contact us so we can suggest the best size for your baby. Correct sizing is paramount to the comfort and safety of your baby, and we want you to feel 100% assured that you've made the right choice.

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Why are sleeping bags sleeveless? Won't my baby get cold?

Baby Blankets don't have sleeves either! The armholes allow for free circulation of air flow- something essential to prevent the dangerous overheating of your baby. Simply put your baby to bed in the appropriate garment for the season- winter blanket sleepers for cooler weather or lightweight pajamas for summertime. Baby in a Bag™ is not a garment, but simply complements whatever type of garment your baby wears to bed by keeping them snuggly & warm all night long.

how do baby sleep sacks work

How do I dress my baby when they wear a baby sleeping bag? How can I tell if they're too hot or cold?

Nursery temperature and body heat are the best indicators to keep your baby comfortable while wearing their Baby in a Bag™. An inexpensive thermometer available in the baby department of retail stores should help you gauge the temperature of your nursery. The optimal nursery temperature is approximately 65°-68° F. If you are able to keep your nursery temperature in this range, then we suggest putting your child to bed in whatever is appropriate for the season- a onesie or lightweight pajamas for warm weather, and warm sleepers for cooler temperatures. If either your baby's or the nursery temperature rises above the optimal level, simply remove a layer of clothing. PLEASE DO NOT OVERHEAT your baby (please refer to our safety checklist to read the dangers of overheating). Conversely, if the nursery temperature is cooler or the baby feels cold, then simply add a layer of clothing. Please remember that babies have immature circulatory systems, so cool fingers or toes are not a good way to gauge body temperature. A quick way to check if your child is comfortable is to place your hand underneath their clothing on their stomach or back. If they feel sweaty, remove a layer of clothing. If they feel cold, add a onesie or t-shirt.

using a summer model versus the winter model

When do I use the summer model versus the winter model?

Think of your Baby in a Bag™ as a blanket. In warmer temperatures you would use a lightweight blanket (the summer model). In cooler weather, you would switch to a warmer blanket (the winter model, with a cozy polyester fill). If you follow the guidelines listed above in how to dress your baby & regulate the nursery temperature, their body temperature should remain consistent all night long.

Why are the sleeping bags so long?

Why are the sleeping bags so long?

sleeping bags are not garments- they are wearable blankets. The bottom of the sacks are designed to be roomy & grow with your baby. The extra fabric allows for plenty of mobility- babies love to kick and play in it in the same way they like to kick off blankets- but your baby will never become uncovered. The generous cut of fabric allows for easy dressing- even when baby is asleep.

Isn't it like a sleeping bag

Isn't it like a sleeping bag? Won't my baby get too hot?

Unlike nylon sleeping bags or even synthetic blankets, Baby In a Bag™ is made with breathable cotton - the most natural fabric to put next to your baby's skin. Baby in a Bag™ comes in different fabric weights available to accommodate cooler versus warmer weather- in the same way that you would use a lightweight blanket for summer & a plush, cozy one for winter. What is much more important to your baby staying comfortable is the temperature you maintain in the nursery (see our safety checklist) and the clothing you put your baby to sleep in.

Isn't it like a sleeping bag

How old should my baby be to start using a Baby in a Bag™? How long can she wear one?

For the majority of babies (those average in weight and size) the ideal time to start using a Baby in a Bag™ is from approximately eight to ten weeks of age or once your baby is over 10lbs. We offer three sizes that go all the way up to a 3T.

How do I launder my Baby in a Bag™

How do I launder my Baby in a Bag™?

Your Baby in a Bag™ can be machine washed cold on the delicate cycle with like colors. We recommend line drying or tumble-drying on delicate (low heat setting). As with all cotton goods, there will be a small amount of shrinkage. Avoid hot water temperatures and high heat drying. For the winter bags (with the polyester fill) line drying is the best.

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How many Baby in a Bag's™ do I need?

We always recommend having two sleeping bags. Many times babies soil themselves and it's handy to have a spare while the other is being laundered.

How many  sleeping bags do I need

Baby sleeping bags are the ideal baby gift at every baby shower.

Are you looking for baby gifts? A Baby in a Bag™ is a stylish yet practical baby gift. Baby sleeping bags have been tested and used safely in Europe for almost three decades, but are virtually unknown in America. Our testimonials tell us that baby sleeping bags always get the most compliments at the baby shower - making it the ideal baby gift.

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